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TotalSecure Offsite Portal

TotalSecure Offsite Video Storage Portal...

TotalSecure Hybrid DVR

TotalSecure Hybrid DVR...

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TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories and the new TotalSecure Offsite Storage Portal are pleased to announce additional support for many more IP camera manufacturers...

TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories, including our Video Loss detectors, are now available across North America thru ADI-Burtek and Anixter...


TotalSecure DVR Kits now support Windows Vista

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Video Servers

The TotalSecure Video Server line works well in conjunction with both the TotalSecure Hybrid DVR as well as the TotalSecure Offsite Video Portal. All Video Server lines can be combined in any manner for number of cameras. Video Servers can work in conjunction with existing DVR systems to securely backup cameras to the Total Secure Offsite Video Portal.

PRC-VS4 (4 Channel D1 Network Video Server)

4 Channel Video Server

PRC-VS2 (2 Channel D1 Network Video Server)

2 Channel Video Server

PRC-VS1 (1 Channel Looping D1 Network Video Server)

1 Channel Video Server - Looping

PRC-VS1-Lite (1 Channel D1 Network Video Server)

1 Channel Video Server