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TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories and the new TotalSecure Offsite Storage Portal are pleased to announce additional support for many more IP camera manufacturers...

TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories, including our Video Loss detectors, are now available across North America thru ADI-Burtek and Anixter...


TotalSecure DVR Kits now support Windows Vista

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FAQ's Remote Access PC's (WAN)


What is the current Remote Access Software?
How does Free Webhosting work?
Why can't I connect remotely to the TotalSecure DVR?
  • Compression/De-compression errors? TotalSecure Remote NetViewer Application Codec for XP/Vista.
  • Remote Access with Vista PC's? TotalSecure Remote NetViewer Application Codec for XP/Vista.
  • Is the DVR machine on? Does it have internet access?
  • On the Remote PC, you must "Allow" Active X controls (allow Active X Controls and Plugins and Downloads under Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level->Active X Controls and Plugins - set all to Prompt and Enable
  • TotalSecure Remote Access works with Internet Explorer only, not Mozzilla, Firefox etc.
  • Apple MAC's do not support ActiveX and therefore cannot work with TotalSecure DVR's for remote access
  • Remote Access Blocked by your local Windows or other Firewall? Disable the Firewall(s) and try again. Or is the DVR Windows Firewall blocking your access?
  • Blocked by Router firewall? Disable the router Firewall and try again.
  • Does the TotalSecure DVR you are trying to connect to have internet access (can that DVR machine log onto the internet)?
  • Are the Ports forwarded in the router? You may have to power off and on the router to have the changes take effect on certain router brands.Free Web Hosting DVR's
  • Is the DVR's local IP fixed? This ensures port forwarding is still valid after a power failure situationFree Web Hosting DVR's
  • Can Listip upload successfully?
  • Do you have an account setup with for Remote Access? Call for details (1-888-365-4706)

Why does my Remote Connection drop out or hang?
  • The Remote Connection drops after 10 minutes. Check your Username settings on the DVR and "uncheck" the 10 Minute Limit checkbox. Page 10 of Manual