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TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories and the new TotalSecure Offsite Storage Portal are pleased to announce additional support for many more IP camera manufacturers...

TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories, including our Video Loss detectors, are now available across North America thru ADI-Burtek and Anixter...


TotalSecure DVR Kits now support Windows Vista

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FAQ TotalSecure DVR Kits


What is the current TotalSecure Software versions?
  • The Analog TotalSecure DVR Kits and Systems latest update is Version 2.4.8
  • The Latest NetViewer Remote Viewer Application is Version 2.4.3
  • The New TotalSecure Hybrid DVR now has an updated version to

How do I configure the DVR's IP address to be fixed?
  • Setting a Fixed IP for the DVR behind a router

How do I use or install VNC on the DVR?
  • Installing VNC on the DVR. Allows remote diagnostic connections to the DVR for changing Windows settings and allows Remote Tech Support service.

How do you connect alarm inputs and outputs to TotalSecure?
  • Connecting a PRC-Contact-IO interface (serial board with 4 alarm inputs/outputs)with a relay or other.

How do you connect alarm inputs only to TotalSecure?
  • Connecting a PRC-Contact-IO interface (serial board with 4 alarm inputs/outputs)with a relay or other.

How are PTZ cameras configured in TotalSecure?
  • Configuring PTZ in the TotalSecure Software

Can I make the TotalSecure DVR boot up automatically after a power failure?
What is the current Version 2.4.8 Manual?
Is there a Quick Install Guide for installing DVR Kits from TotalSecure?
TotalSecure launches but won't record
  • Check that the storage drive that TotalSecure has been configured to store images to has greater than 10 GB free.
  • Make sure your Anti-Virus application is not blicking the recordings.
  • TotalSecure requires that you login as the Administrator or under Administrator privileges.
  • What is the default Login and Password for local direct TotalSecure access - Username: admin and Password: admin

We changed the default login/password and do not remember what we changed it to
  • Call for assistance 1-888-365-4706

Will TotalSecure run on a Vista based PC?
  • Yes, TotalSecure will work with Vista (32-bit only) PC systems. Be sure to run the Indeo Codec for Vista in order to compress and decompress video properly.

Why are the drivers for the capture card not allowed to install with the Capturecarddriversetup.exe utility?
  • Some systems, including most Vista systems require you to manually install the drivers by pointing to the correct capture card model folder on the installation CD.

How do the video inputs line up with the cables on the PRC-1004-120, PRC-1008-60, PRC-1016-120 and PRC-2032-240?

How do I play back and record and incident?

FAQ TotalSecure Software/Card WebServer for Hybrid Series or Offsite Portal