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TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories and the new TotalSecure Offsite Storage Portal are pleased to announce additional support for many more IP camera manufacturers...

TotalSecure DVR’s and Accessories, including our Video Loss detectors, are now available across North America thru ADI-Burtek and Anixter...


TotalSecure DVR Kits now support Windows Vista

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The following items are downloadable components for your TotalSecure system. Codecs, updates and Manuals are available for download. If you do not see what you need please call us at 1-888-365-4706


XP/Vista Indeo Codec - Download and run (install) this executable on the PC that gives a compression/decompression error (either the DVR System or Remote System or both). This codec is required for running Totalsecure on a Windows Vista (32-bit) system.

TotalSecure DVR Application:

Full Version 2.4.7 Setup - Full version Setup file. Installs TotalSecure Application for the DVR System (system cameras physically connect to). Suggest that you update this version with TotalSecure Version 2.4.8 exe below.

Version 2.4.8 Update - Download, Save this file into your default install folder on the TotalSecure DVR system, typically c:\Program Files\Product Consultants\TotalSecure. Replace the existing file totalsecure.exe. Reboot and/or re-launch TotalSecure for this update to take effect.

2.4.x Installation/Upgrade Steps:

  1. Have any running versions of TotalSecure closed (with Software WatchDog turned off first).
  2. Close hsdb.exe and Listip.exe from the taskbar before running the TSSetup.exe for v2.4.7.
  3. Delete the folder c:\Program Files\Productive Consultants
    *** It is advisable to delete your data folders if upgrading versions, ex: c:\TotalSecure\Data, d:\TotalSecure\Data etc.
  4. Start with Full Version 2.4.7 Setup. Save, then run this wizard to install 2.4.7.
  5. Download, save and replace the existing totalsecure.exe file (v2.4.7) with this latest version, Version 2.4.8 Setup. This is a file only update, totalsecure.exe, which is found on the DVR under c:\Program Files\Productive Consultants\TotalSecure folder.

Click here TotalSecure 2.4.8 Manual to download a PDF Manual for v2.4.8.

NetViewer Remote Application Utility:

TotalSecure Remote NetViewer Application - Use this Setup Utility (v2.4.3) to Install NetViewer on any remote PC that will connect to the TotalSecure DVR. Used for LAN and/or WAN connections with a Static IP Address for the DVR. This utility creates a Desktop Shortcut and allows you to configure custom ports to reach the TotalSecure DVR. If you configure custom port changes here, then Custom Port changes must be configured manually on the TotalSecure DVR also (secure.ini file).

Capture Card Driver Install Utility:

Capture Card Driver Setup - Download, Save and Run this 'exe' file. To 'clean' your system of accidently installed drivers or old drivers during a capture card change/upgrade, Select 'Remove Drivers' and reboot first before choosing 'Install' drivers.

Legacy Downloads:

Click here to go to our previous websites Download Section. -